Monday, August 12, 2013

Terrace, BC

Another UFO spotted.  This time in Terrace, BC.  See the following blurb reported on Aug 10 from:

4-Aug-2013, Terrace, BC: (11:00pm)
"Just to verify the previous sighting documented on this,  I was responding to an MVA in Rosswood and as I was headed East bound I saw these lights.  At first I thought it was an airplane banking towards the airport but then it just kept coming, hanging like a telephone pole with a string of lights on it.  I took a picture in awe and could hear no noise, I then reluctantly carried on my way to the MVA watching it as long as I could, lust before I turned up the Kalum I took one more picture - 1 orange light with 3 blue and 2 more orange under them.
We don't have anything around here in the form of unusual aircraft, this was really cool.  I wish I could have followed it.  It was very vivid and curious to say the least.
2 days later I talked to a group camping at the Kalum boat launch and they had seen it also, they commented that it didn't make any sound at all."

Different groups reporting the same sighting seems to be a common occurrence among UFO's.

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